Engineering roles

Akram Alsalti
Manufacturing Engineer

I joined TCS because of the great opportunities it offers to engineers to improve and continuously develop their skills and knowledge. Being an engineer at TCS gave me a lot of experience and I learned a lot of new technologies, so I was able to perform on high levels in terms of delivering quality products to our clients. During my first project at TCS I was able to refresh my knowledge in Java programming language and its related frameworks. I was able to work with cloud infrastructure and learned many things about the systems, which are very important nowadays in computer engineering. In my next project I will have the chance to work and program using C++ and python, which is a great opportunity for me to challenge my previous knowledge in this field. I will also be able to travel to a different country and work onsite for the client, and I am very excited to try out this way of working and interacting with our clients. I feel that I can reach important steps in my career by being an engineer at TCS, because I’m always confident about the challenges and the tasks that I work on, and because of the big variety of chances that I can choose from and improve myself in multiple areas.

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