Senior Logistics Specialist

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A?Senior Logistics Specialist?is responsible for overseeing all aspects of supply chain management, ensuring the flow of raw materials and final products from suppliers to retailers and customers. They also manage orders and coordinate the stock of materials and equipment to ensure the company has everything needed. Among the top goals for this role, it is important that a company’s fulfillment operations stay on schedule. Since a Senior must ensure operations meet legal and regulatory requirements, they may be monitored by local, state, federal, and international agencies that oversee these operations.


  • Maintain normal standard service coverage by the whole assigned personnel during normal business working hours (from 8:30 am to 5 pm CET)
  • Assist the Company’s Logistics Commodity Leaders in the preparation of RFQs, bids analysis, and LSP award files creation mainly in the area of the Company’s logistics service contract negotiated for certain periods of time.
  • Prepare LSP performance scorecards and other internal statistics reports for the Company as per the Company’s requirements in terms of format, content, frequency, and quantity (business statistics reports & scorecards, transportation statistics reports, saving reports).
  • Design, maintain, and update files and tools containing the Company’s actual rates for the contracted logistics services.
  • Prepare logistics cost budgets for individual complex projects offers for the Company. The budgets to be prepared as per the mutually agreed standard assumptions and based on contract rates and budgetary bids from LSPs.
  • Assist the Company’s Logistics Commodity Leaders to prepare RFQ’s utilizing different sources of information, analyze bids from LSPs (price, quality, technical solution) and administer contracts for project specific logistics services.
  • Prepare, maintain and update transportation cost prediction models utilizing historical shipment data and actual contract rates to support the Company in the landed cost analysis based on sourcing decisions and future cost estimates.
  • Manage damage and loss incidents resolution and Cost of Failure recovery from the LSPs in the name of the Company and its components. Liaison with Company’s insurance and associates for damages over $50K.
  • Record all damage & loss events in a database. Maintain data about each claim accurately and up-to-date. Create and distribute damage claim reports to the Company and to LSPs regularly.
  • Analyze damage and loss incident historical data. Cooperate with the Company’s quality group in identifying and implementing corrective and preventive actions. Support other quality initiatives.
  • Serve as the single point of contact for the Company’s internal inquiries about dangerous goods transport regulations and liaison with a contracted external expert to analyze requests and provide guidance.
  • Resolve freight invoices Hold Resolution queues of the Company’s 3rd party freight payment centers a group of assigned businesses.
  • Audit, approve, or reject freight invoices in the name of the Company utilizing contract rates, terms & conditions, and logistics databases following the requirements contained in the Company’s DOA documentation. Support manual cost coding.
  • Monitor main process dashboards such as volumes, cycle times, backlogs, and funding leg times and escalate to appropriate parties as needed.
  • Update carrier instructional manuals and keep LSPs updated about main requirements and process changes


  • 2+ years in logistics
  • Bachelor degree
  • English on a business level


  • TCS has been delivering services from Hungary since 2001, making us a perfect choice if you’re looking for stability.
  • We provide a wide range of benefits, including a market leading comprehensive private health care package.
  • We offer extensive self-development opportunities: our colleagues have a multitude of training possibilities for personal and professional growth.
  • At TCS Hungary there are both vertical and horizontal career options for those who like to challenge themselves and try out different areas and positions.
  • You will be part of a global and diverse working environment with relaxation areas, terraces, and a friendly atmosphere.
  • You can seize the day with us at our company events, hobby clubs, and sporting initiatives.
  • An attractive compensation package.


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